Victorian Moon & Diamond Star Amulet Necklace

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Gaze upon a mesmerizing twilight sky captured in this unique Victorian-inspired necklace. A crescent moon, sculpted from polymer clay and kissed with shimmering gold flakes, cradles a constellation of twinkling stars. But this celestial charm holds a secret deeper than starlight – its surface dances with an otherworldly color-shifting magic.

As you move through your day, the moon's mood will subtly change, reflecting the subtle fluctuations in your own personal temperature. Witness flashes of emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst violet – a mesmerizing display that evokes the ever-changing hues of a moonlit sky. Unlike your standard mood ring, the paintwork in this necklace creates an organic, watercolor-like shift, adding to its enchanting, nature-inspired aesthetic.

Please note: Due to the unique application of mood ring paint, the color shift will be more organic and nuanced than the solid changes typically seen in mood jewelry. Each necklace is a one-of-a-kind creation, and the exact color variations may differ slightly from the picture shown.

►27 inch long adjustable black cotton cord
►Pendant size: 1.50 x 1.25 inches
►Pendant is made of polymer clay, gold flakes, mood ring paint, UV resin, and nickel free black bezel charm setting