Get to know the team behind Stargazer Goods

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Get to know the team behind Stargazer Goods

Born under a starlit sky in December 2019, Stargazer Goods isn't your average craft shop. This brainchild of April Webber and Jordan Wenger, two creative souls hailing from the majestic Pacific Northwest, is a vibrant collision of their passions. Weary of the monotonous mass-produced offerings, they craved something original, something that resonated with their unique sensibilities – a touch of the strange, a whisper of the antique, and a whole lot of celestial wonder.

Thus, Stargazer Goods was born. More than just a brand, it's a portal to their world, where nature's whispers intertwine with cosmic dreams, and vintage treasures dance with avant-garde flair. Each piece, lovingly crafted by April and Jordan, is an ode to their shared vision, a testament to the undeniable beauty that lies in the unconventional.

With over 25 years spent soaking in the magic of the PNW, their creations reflect the rugged beauty of the region, the quiet charm of forgotten trinkets, and the endless fascination with the universe's mysteries. Whether you're drawn to the delicate shimmer of a crescent moon necklace or the bold statement of a galaxy-printed tee, Stargazer Goods has something to ignite your imagination and set your soul ablaze.

So, come wander through their cosmic bazaar, where the lines between reality and dreams blur, and where you might just find a piece that whispers to your own unique spirit. Stargazer Goods – crafted with stardust, inspired by the infinite.

The screen printer and illustrator: Jordan

The crafter and jeweler: April

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  • Frank Mosco

    Cool! Best of luck on year three of your journey with this! – Frank – Ubiquistry.

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