Golden Silver Celestial Hands of Goddess Sol Polymer Clay Necklace

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Embrace the radiant light of Goddess Sol with this celestial hands necklace.

Handcrafted from silver holographic polymer clay and adorned with shimmering brass charms, this necklace is a unique and magical statement piece. The pendant features two delicate hands cradling a radiant sun, symbolizing the cosmic power of creation, the sacred flame of the feminine heart, and the golden rays of the sun goddess, Sol.

Wear this necklace to channel the power of Goddess Sol within you, to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, to manifest your dreams and desires, to celebrate your divine femininity and sacred sexuality, and to connect with the magic of the natural world.

Handmade with love and care using high-quality polymer clay and gold colored brass charms
Lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long
Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions

Order your Celestial Hands of Goddess Sol necklace today and awaken the divine light within you!

May this necklace bring you joy, abundance, and celestial blessings.