Celestial Burst Pendant Necklace

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Embrace the Moonlit Muse: Celestial Burst Pendant Necklace

Dance with moonbeams and channel your inner cosmic enchantress with this mesmerizing pendant necklace. A radiant burst of stardust shimmers within a midnight sky of polymer clay, speckled with celestial gold flakes. Watch in wonder as the pendant transforms its hues like a moonlit meadow kissed by starlight, mirroring the ever-shifting moods of the night.

Product Details:
1.75" diameter pendant, bursting with cosmic wonder
Gold-toned brass charm, cradling a universe of black polymer clay and magic
Flecked with shimmering gold flakes for an extra touch of starlight
Enchanting mood ring paint shifts colors like the heavens themselves
Protected by a shimmering UV resin dome, capturing the moonbeams forever
Suspended on a delicate 18" gold-toned nickel-free chain, ready to adorn your stardust soul

Why you'll fall head over moonbeams:
Cottagecore with a celestial twist: This necklace blends whimsical garden vibes with mystical lunar energy, perfect for stargazers and flower friends alike.
A mood as unique as you are: Watch the pendent's colors dance and change with your emotions, reflecting the ever-shifting beauty of your inner cosmos.
A conversation starter that's out of this world: Prepare to be captivated by curious questions and compliments galore, inspired by this one-of-a-kind celestial creation.
The perfect gift for the starlit soul: Whether for a birthday wish, a Yuletide wonder, or just because, this necklace is a token of magic for anyone who dreams of dancing with the moon.

Embrace the mystery of the cosmos and let your inner light shine with the Celestial Burst Pendant Necklace. Order yours today and chase the moonbeams!

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►18 inch chain
►Pendant size: 1.75 x 1.75 inches
►Pendant is made of polymer clay, gold flakes, mood ring paint, UV resin, and nickel free findings